Jefferson City Public Schools

Learning. Partnerships. Stewardship.

Jefferson City Public Schools
Strategic Plan


We will strive to become the premier school district in the state of MO by growing our traditions of pride through excellence.

Why we exist?
We exist to give every student hope for a better tomorrow by helping them reach his/her potential through a quality education. 

We will give all students hope for a better tomorrow by ensuring every student achieves his/her maximum potential through a challenging educational system characterized by pride through excellence.

How will we do this?
We will build a culture in which all JCPS stakeholders are motivated to be difference makers in the lives of every student.

Core Values
      Student success – In and out of the classroom
      Teamwork – We are Stronger Together
      Growing and building upon our traditions of pride through excellence

District Focus Areas

 Priorities for 2016-2017
     Focus on the learning process – CIA (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessments)
      Focus on the workplace culture – Culture of synergy, core values and clear roles & expectations      
      Focus on student behaviors – Proper language/conduct, being respectful and appropriate dress attire 

Culture of Pride Statement (Partnerships, Responsibility, Ignite, Difference, Every Student)
Through partnerships, we have a collective responsibility to ignite lifelong learners and be difference makers in the lives of every student.  Through grit and resolve, our core values will guide us in giving every student hope for a better tomorrow.

Long Term Goal
      Increase graduation rate of 81%

Short Term Goals
      Increase academic achievement of 53.6% APR point
      Increase attendance of 85.5%