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  • James (Jim) Janes

    9th Grade Social Studies

    World History and Integrated World History

    Capital City High School
    Plan Time: 2nd Period (9:36-10:27)

  •                   Schedule                                   
    1st Period: World History 8:40-9:31
    2nd Period: Plan Time 9:36-10:27  
    3rd Period: CAV Time 10:32-11:23 
    4th Period: World History 11:28-12:52
    Lunch #2: 11:54-12:21
    5th Period: World History 12:57-1:48
    6th and 7th Periods: Integrated World History 1:53-3:40
    Best Contact Time: 9:36-10:27 or Before/After school
    regular schedule
Last Modified on August 26, 2019