• Hello!

    Welcome to biology! I am SO excited for this school year! I am Ms. Collins, and I will be teaching Biology and Honors Biology. I am also the head cheerleading coach for Capital City High School. 



Capital City
  • Schedule 

    1st period (8:40-9:31): Bio

    2nd period (9:36-10:27): Honors Bio 

    3rd period (10:32-11:23): RTI

    4th period (11:28-12:21): Bio

    5th period (12:57-1:48): Bio

    6th period (1:53-2:44): Bio

    7th period (2:49-3:40): Plan 

  • Ms. Cailin Collins

    Biology Teacher

    Room 300

    7th period plan time 



Last Modified on August 15, 2019