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    A+ hours are available to Jefferson City High School students who are in good standing in the A+ Program by working with students at the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City.  A+ students may work after school at any one of many locations. JCPS houses several programs hosted by the Boys and Girls Club at East Elementary, Pioneer Trail Elementary, South Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Lewis & Clark Middle School.  The Boys & Girls Club is an excellent place to make up hours should a student be short of tutoring hours due to snow, illness, etc.  If a tutor is interested in acquiring hours to fulfill the 50 hour A+ tutoring requirement, please contact Ms. Sankey and she will make contact with the Director of the Boys & Girls Club who will then arrange a time and location for a student to tutor.  It is imperative that a student arrange a time to tutor.  Please do not show up to a tutoring location without arranging a time.  It is also important to pick up a new time sheet from the A+ office or the counseling office to log your hours.  A Boys & Girls Club supervisor will be able to sign your time sheet at any of the four locations.  For information on the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City, please visit the following website:  http://bgcjc.com/
    A tutoring contract and transportation agreement must be signed at the time of picking up a time sheet to log hours.  All paperwork is located in the A+ office (Nichols Career Center).  All logged tutoring hours will be applied towards the 50 hours required to become A+ eligible. (A minimum of fifty unpaid hours of tutoring is required to be eligible for state reimbursed tuition.)  This opportunity is especially valuable to A+ students who may have difficulty fitting the A+ Tutoring class into their senior schedule.  For students who select the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City to be their tutoring location, hours must be complete by the end of the senior year. Students will be allowed to work out a tutoring schedule with the supervisors of each tutoring site.  Boys & Girls Club supervisors will be in charge of signing off on all time served as a tutor.  Students who accumulate more than 50 hours, may apply these hours to the service requirement for National Honor Society or other organizations who may require service hours. (Check with the specific organization should you have questions.)  
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