Flyer Distribution Protocol
    for disseminating information from outside organizations
    • All flyers from outside agencies must come through the Communications Department for approval before being distributed to buildings.
    • Flyers that are approved may be placed at the school’s parent information table.
    • If an outside organization would like to share information in addition to placing flyers at the information table, they may contact the Communications Department and request that it be included in the JCPS Communicator which is distributed weekly.
    • School PTA/O information may be distributed with the building Principal’s approval.
    • Organizations may have an information table at events such as Orientation & Parent-Teacher Conferences with the building Principal’s approval.
    • Outside organizations are not allowed to do individual classroom presentations, unless a teacher/principal requested and arranged.
    • School Assembly presentations are a building Principal’s decision.
    • Sporting information may be distributed if it is JCPS sponsored.
    • Approved flyers for camps from outside parties may be placed at your parent information kiosk.
    • The Jefferson City News Tribune publishes the “Community Connections” a directory of local activities, twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. This publication is the perfect format for advertising camps, classes, activities etc. Contact the News Tribune at 573.761.0228 or display@newstribune.com for advertising information.