• English II:
    Welcome to English II! This course builds on the skills you developed in freshman English. Students will read at least one novel, either To Kill a Mockingbird, Night, or Dispatches from the Edge; a play, either Julius Caesar or The Taming of the Shrew; many short stories, numerous poems, and various types of nonfiction. Student writing will focus on an informative essay, a persuasive essay, analytical writing, blending the different genres, and other short works. English II also builds on the grammar and vocabulary skills practiced in previous years. The complete curriculum can be found on the district website.  
    African-American Literature:
    African-American Literature is a course designed to introduce students to the genre while analyzing its change through time. Through reading and analyzing texts, students will engage in academic discussions that seek to both understand the works in context and their relevance to our lives today. Students will be asked to stretch their critical thinking and writing skills in this course. This course is designed for students who like to read, who have an appreciation for literature with a clear voice, and who seek to become life-long readers.
Last Modified on September 9, 2019