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    Learning Targets for October


    Uses Scissors with Control

    Creates a sphere with clay or similar material


    Apply Paint with a Dragging, not pushing motion

    Demonstrate a monoprint process

    Use glue with control

    Fold paper and identify the folded edge


    Paint lines with control

    Clean paint brush before changing colors

    Mix two colors to create a third

    Design a building that serves a function in the community and includes building parts


    Cut a symmetrical shape from a folded piece of paper

    Identify and use symmetrical balance in an artwork

    Create an original artwork that communicates ideas about a specific theme


    Create an artwork that communicates ideas about a specific theme

    Create a fiber weaving using a simple loom


    Build a form using clay techniques

    Check out our school's digital gallery on Artsonia:



    The art room would always welcome donations of art supplies as well as several household goods and odds and ends. Examples of things that are in high demand are bits of cardboard, newspaper, cardboard paper towel rolls, resealable bags or containers, paint color swatches, and cotton balls.

Last Modified on September 26, 2018