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  • JCPS Difference Maker Award


    The JCPS Difference Maker Award is presented to district staff members and community partners who've gone above and beyond to serve our students, staff members and schools. Difference Makers are individuals, teams or groups who have made (or are making) a difference in our district. Nominate a Difference Maker here!

    JCPS will thank all Difference Makers nominated, and some, like those pictured below, will be recognized monthly at the JCPS Board of Education meeting. We love to spotlight Difference Makers that are tied to each of our three organizational pillars: Learning, Partnerships and Stewardship. 



  • Stacey Gregory-Angell  

    Stacey Gregory-Angell (Dix Road/Technology) 

    Stacey has gone above and beyond in her efforts to fulfill our districts goal to improve the reading levels of our students.  She provides professional development to various groups of teachers, but most recently to the group of Reading Specialists to which we belong.  During this PD, we were reminded by Stacey the value of maintaining a positive mindset as we strive to reach our goal together. She is an incredibly motivating Teacher Leader! Her enthusiasm and encouragement make adapting to this new year and the new plan for our position an easy adjustment.  Stacey is such a blessing & a valuable asset to our district! #JCreads



    First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church

    This year, South School instituted a new car-rider procedure.  The new procedure required people to direct traffic in two different locations as early as 7:00 AM.  South School reached out to their business partner, First Baptist Church, and there were daily volunteers for the first couple of weeks of school.  Their assistance helped result in a smooth transition to the new procedures.  We appreciate the partnership with First Baptist and its members!




    Justin Reynolds, Callaway Hills PE Teacher

    Justin Reynolds is always going above and beyond to help students and staff. He is a great coworker who puts the needs of others before his own. Justin is more than willing to help with students that may prove to be a challenge or just need a quick check in. He has been a tremendous friend and coworker by helping me reflect or grow from the hard times. He has helped transform our school into a healthy community and I can't wait to see what he has in mind for the future of Callaway Hills.