• Dear Class of 2024 Student and Parents/Guardians:


    Welcome to Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year. We are very excited about meeting your student and helping them with their schedule for the next school year.  On February 4th, enrollment information was presented to your student. Students were given important paperwork to complete.  The only item that should be returned is the Freshman Enrollment Card.  The counselors will enter course requests based on your student’s selection of courses and teacher recommendationsIt is important that this card is brought to JCHS completed the evening of February 13th during JCHS Curriculum evening OR to LCMS no later than Friday, February 14th, when your LCMS counselor will collect your card. 


    Listed below are the items that your student received today:

    • Freshman Enrollment Card (Please write your requests in PENCIL.)
    • Academic Planning Guide
    • Summer School Application—Online through your google classroom


    Resources located on Guidance and Counseling Webpage under enrollment-http://www.jcschools.us/domain/3321


    • Freshman Folder containing Enrollment card and Power Point presentation
    • Academic Planning Guide
    • AP/Dual Enrollment/PLTW informational video



    JCHS Curriculum Evening:

    Please join us on the evening of JCHS parent teacher conference, Thursday, February 13th for a curriculum evening.  The evening will take place in the JCHS Connector from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  Departments will be available to answer questions about their curriculum and provide guidance on course selections. Enrollment cards can be turned in to the counseling department that evening if complete. We look forward to meeting with you and your student that evening. 


    Class of 2023 Google Classroom:

    • Code to Join: 33bk1b9 
    • All information from counseling will always be shared via the student’s classroom.  Students should Pl pay close attention to their emails that they receive from the counseling office.


    Parents Connection to JCHS


    • Join JCHS Twitter---@JAYSCOUNSELING



    Listed below is the only item that needs to be completed and returned by February 14th.

     Enrollment Card –Please make sure it equals 7.0 credits (7.5 credits if Marching Band) Also Do Not include summer school PE and/or Health on your card if planning on attending.  

    Summer School applications should be turned in separately with the transportation form if needed. 


    At any time, if questions arise, please contact your Lewis and Clark Counselor.


    Thank you,

    JCHS Counseling Team