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  • JCPS Difference Maker Award


    The JCPS Difference Maker Award is presented to district staff members and community partners who've gone above and beyond to serve our students, staff members and schools. Difference Makers are individuals, teams or groups who have made (or are making) a difference in our district. Nominate a Difference Maker here!

    JCPS will thank all Difference Makers nominated, and some, like those pictured below, will be recognized monthly at the JCPS Board of Education meeting. We love to spotlight Difference Makers that are tied to each of our three organizational pillars: Learning, Partnerships and Stewardship. 



  • Brendan Dames  

    Brendan Dames, West Elementary School

    While rounding at West Elementary School, Brendan Dames was recognized as a difference maker. Brendan Dames is PHENOMENAL! He is well beyond his years. He has been such an asset to West Elementary School. His ability to create a family spirit in his classroom has had a HUGE impact on his students. The deeper connection he has created with his students has enabled them all to make great gains as learners and as people. 

    (nominated by: Shelby Scarbrough, Director of Human Resources)



    Michelle Easley

    Michelle Luebbering, East Elementary School


    “Since my son started the 4th grade, I’ve noticed a world of difference and improvement with his attitude, school work, and an overall betterment of his whole performance - while a student in Michelle's class.  This lady's heart is so full of love and support for her students and it shows in more ways than one. What I mean by this is that she also gives a helping, supportive hand to the parents as well - which is why I want to tell you why Michelle deserves this award.  I'm a single mom raising 2 boys on my own, and everyday I do what I can to provide them with everything they need to live a happy, strong life. A couple months back, my son Jayce just wasn’t himself at both home and school. Mrs. Luebbering noticed this as well and gave me a call.  We talked for a while and I said something about his lack of sleep and I mentioned him sleeping on a air mattress. I kindly asked her if she knew of anyone who was maybe selling a cheap bed or had any ideas of anyone who would maybe help. And, because of her supportive and helping nature, she said “I'll let you know what I can come up with”, but reassured me that with her help we were going to get this boy back on track.  Not even a hour or two later she calls me and says "I'm on my way to your house with Jayce a brand new bed." Instantly, my heart was so full of joy and my eyes filled with tears because it was like an angel was sent to us. Jayce was so happy and thankful - he will remember this for the rest of his life. It also taught us something - to never take things or people for granted because the simplest things (like a bed) can bring so much joy into someone's life.  My heart couldn't thank Michelle enough for what she did! Thanks to her, my son gets a good night’s rest every night and wakes up refreshed to start his day at school. Thanks again #YOUARETHEBEST” 

    nominated by Sara Earley, parent)


  • Sonya Spruiell


    Sonya Spruiell, East Elementary School

    “Sonya was recently honored with the Dorothy Height Award.  We are so proud of the work she does in her community. During a recent platform in the community, we heard a lot about Ms. Sonya. We especially loved how parents were referring other parents to go see her about different issues.  A family talked about how awesome it has been having her in their children's school and how she has helped the family with different community resources. It was then that we learned she worked for JCPS. We knew you all needed to know how much of a Jewel, Sonya is to your district and the community.  In honor of National Social Worker Month we salute and applaud Mrs. Sonya Spruiell for her work with families and her community.”

    (nominated by: Dr. G Jenkins, Delta Sigma Theta, community member)