World History

  • World History

    Capital City High School

    Course syllabus

    Ms. Walsh:



    This is a required course for all Jefferson City High School graduates. Most students will take this course their freshman year. The course is designed to make students more aware of world affairs and a better citizen in a global society. 


    Course Description:

    World History is the study of key events, individuals, and ideas in the development of select cultures and civilizations throughout the history of the world. Economic, geographic, and political themes will be utilized to interpret the impact of the environment on these selected cultures and civilizations. Special attention is given to the positive, lasting contributions of these cultures to our present-day way of life.


    Units of Study

    • Ancient Government
    • Renaissance
    • Columbian Exchange / Colonialism
    • Enlightenment
    • Age of Revolution
    • Industrial Revolution
    • World Wars
    • Modern Era

    Course Resources

    • Google Classroom

    Student Materials Needed

    • School provided Chromebook - charged and ready each day
    • Pen / Pencil
    • Binder 
    • Headphones/Earbuds



    • Summative Assessments (Tests / Projects) will be a majority of your grade 70%
    • Formative Assessments (in-class activities/assignments)will be graded as specified 20%
    • Midterm and Final 10%

    Late Work Policy:

    • Late work WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after the end of the unit.
    • Tests must be made up promptly. 
    • Late work formative assignments will only be accepted until the last day of the unit.
    • Formative assessments turned in after the original test date will not be graded for points. 

    Retake Policy:

    • Students will have 5 school days from the time of the summative to come in and complete the retake. 
    • After 5 school days have passed, they may not retake the summative at a later point. 
    • Students MUST come in to meet with the teacher prior to taking the retake to discuss/review the material for the retake. 
    • To retake the summative, students MUST have turned in all formative assessments for that unit. The two summative grades will be averaged


    • Students will be counted tardy if they are not seated (in their assigned seat)  when the bell rings

    Restroom / Drink / Library / Tech Center

    • Will be permitted at teacher discretion depending on classroom activity.

    Technology Standards

    • Chromebooks are charged and ready each day
    • Earbuds and headphones are NOT PERMITTED in class unless being used for classwork approved by the teacher.
    • Cell Phones will be put AWAY for the entire class based on the new district Cell phone policy
    • Sharing of documents (homework, projects…) via email, airdrop, screenshots is academic dishonesty and will result in a score of 0 for all parties.  Referral subject to teacher discretion.


    Entering the Classroom

    • Students must be in their assigned seat when the bell rings, or they will be counted tardy.


    Violations of Classroom Standards:

    • The teacher will document infractions. When receiving the second violation, a lunch detention will be assigned and a call/email will be made home explaining that upon the third violation, the student will receive an office referral.



    • Email is the most effective means of communication with me
    • Grades/missing assignments will be emailed to the student and parent 
    • Plan Period: 1st Period (8:40-9:31)
    • You may call the office at 573-659-3286 to leave a message for me.


    Class Behavior

    • The student is expected to treat the teacher and other students with respect at all times.  
    • Offensive language is also not acceptable in this class whatsoever.
    • “Do the Right Thing”- You know what is right and wrong and you will be expected to act accordingly. 
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