• Job Readiness: Preparing the student to be able seek or obtain employment and to keep their jobs once they are hired.

    Community Experience: Activities that are conducted and provided in community settings, including community- based work experiences and/or exploration, job site training, banking, shopping, transportation, and recreation.

    Functional Math/Functional Personal Finance: Skills that students use to live independently. Understanding money, budgeting and telling time all help students do important things like shop for groceries, save for a big purchase, and catch the bus to get to work. 

    Functional Government/Functional Reading: Reviewing what is going on in the world around us on a daily basis, exploring basic government, recognizing symbols, progressing to reading signs (stop, push), and reading directions.

    Independent Living:  In order to function in the community, students need to understand how to interact appropriately with different members of the community, not only family, peers, and teachers. Independent living skills encompass many skill areas including, but not limited to, personal care (dressing, grooming, and hygiene), food preparation, clothing management (laundry, sorting, identification), money management, personal organization (materials and time management), and household maintenance.

Last Modified on August 26, 2020