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    The JC Schools Difference Maker Award is presented to staff and students who make a difference in their schools and our community; those individuals who go above and beyond to exemplify #JCStrongerTogether. Nominate a Staff Difference Maker here! Nominate a Student Difference Maker here!

    JC Schools will thank all Difference Makers nominated, and some, like those pictured below, will be recognized monthly at the JC Schools Board of Education meeting. We love to spotlight Difference Makers that are tied to each of our three organizational pillars: Learning, Partnerships and Stewardship. 


  • Malissa Pistel, Instructional Coach & Susan Isaacs, First Grade Lab Classroom Teacher (Callaway Hills)
    Submitted by Kim Bowden, Callaway Hills Teacher
    Susan Isaacs & Malissa Pistel

    I've watched as this DYNAMIC DUO has worked tirelessly to create a lab classroom that is a perfect replication of district literacy expectations.  Together, Malissa & Susan have developed activities that keep the students completely engaged so that Guided Reading can happen at Susan's table without interruptions.  It is phenomenal to see the impact their dedication has had on these students (& the ones blessed to be in Susan's classroom last year as well). Teachers that visit this lab classroom walk away with NUMEROUS tools for their teaching toolbox!  Lots of Cougar Pride watching these two collaborate & problem solve together! Thank you for sharing your expertise with others, Ladies!!!!

    Shanna Schwarzer, Assistant Principal & Brandy Martin, Counselor (JCHS)
    Submitted by Shelly Wehmeyer, JCHS Parent
    Shanna Schwarzer & Brandy Martin

    In a time of conflict and other issues, Shanna has been a true asset to our daughter, who is a Junior at JCHS. She went above and beyond for our family as we experienced not only a difficult time, but a time of transition. She called after hours to check on all of us when we were in a time of need, and she helped explore options for our daughter—gathering appropriate resources, reaching out to staff, making phone calls, and assisting to make the issues as easy to overcome as possible. Our family could not thank her enough. She would tell you that she was just doing her job, but we would tell you that she went above and beyond! We truly appreciate her. 


    Brandy also went out of her way to connect us to the best resources, while taking care of all necessary contacts with the front office, teachers and staff. She has a servant heart, and was available to assist in anyway we needed her. Her character did not go unnoticed—-we are very appreciative of her, not only in this instance, but in the many times she has assisted our daughter.


  • Griffin Moss, 4th Grade, Thorpe Gordon
    Submitted by: Rhonda Allen (Thorpe Gordon)

    Griffin Moss

    Thorpe Gordon is very fortunate to have a drama club that performs a full theatrical production every spring. Griffin is a proud member and even has dreams of being an actor one day. He is ALWAYS  kind and respectful. He listens well and is a friend to everyone. Recently, Griffin shocked me when he returned back to drama club rehearsal one night when we were already finished for the evening. He was hiding something behind his back and eventually handed me a plastic bag with $500 in it. His mother then told me that Griffin wanted to raise money for the drama club and he set to work! He sold tickets for a Pampered Chef raffle on his own. This act of kindness made me and the other drama club members extremely happy.  He has learned the value of "giving back" and its value. This donation will allow for us to purchase the extra props we need for this year's show. Griffin is a proud pinto at Thorpe Gordon and is a wonderful role model for others. He is truly the definition of what it means to have Pinto Pride and for that we are so very proud to call him our own!