• Congratulations to our October Difference Makers! Thank you for everything you do for our students and schools!

    JC Schools Librarians

    JC Schools Librarians (Melanie Thompson and Tonya Ellis pictured accepting the award on behalf of the entire district library team)
    Nominated by: Brenda Hatfield, Central Office
    This summer the JC Schools librarians engaged in a project to create tools for students and parents to support distance learning. During our spring closure some families and students struggled to use tools including Google Meet and Google Classroom. Our classroom teachers tried to provide support while teaching their various classes. The JC Schools librarians saw this need and undertook a group project to create tools which support our partnership with families. These tools are now available on the district website should a student/family need to access Google Classroom or Google Meet to support students learning at home.

    Jesse Knipker, Floater Custodian (not pictured)
    Nominated by: Angie Pritchard, East Elementary
    Jessie is a substitute janitor and we see him regularly within our building at East. There is nothing this guy won't do for you. He is on the move the entire time he is here and when asked, he stops what he's doing to take care of you then and there. Everyone in our building loves him and wishes he was our regular janitor. He takes pride in his job and it's always obvious when he's been in our building -- everything is so much cleaner and brighter. Recently, teachers have commented to our principal how much they love him, simply because their rooms are noticeably cleaner and he takes the time to do anything they deem "extra" and his comment is: "That's what I'm here for."

    David Bethune

    David Bethune, JCHS Student
    Nominated by: Lori Massman, Board of Education President
    JCHS and CCHS recently played each other for the first time in football. Having two high schools in our town is new to us and to be honest, many have struggled with it due to sports teams and other competitive activities. Dave Bethune #4 for the JC Jays showed sportsmanship like no other that night. When another player from our hometown team at CCHS was injured during a play, Dave rose to the occasion of helping his opponent off of the field without hesitation. This young man displayed sportsmanship like no other and many could learn from his actions.