• Marching Jay Band

    The Marching Jay Band has a reputation as a tough competitor in marching competitions throughout the Midwest. In addition to competitions, the Marching Jay Band can be seen performing at halftime at Jefferson City Jay football games and in parades. To get more information on the marching band, please visit jayband.org 


    Symphonic Band

    Symphonic Band is the select band of the high school. Students in symphonic band are required to take private lessons and try out for district band in the fall and contest band in the spring. Symphonic band participates in Capitol Caroling and graduation ceremonies, in addition to concerts throughout the year. This year, the Symphonic Band has the honor of performing for the 78th Annual MMEA Inservice/Workshop Conference, held at Tan-tar-a in  the Ozarks.


    Concert Band

    Concert band is a non-auditioned ensemble performs at various concerts throughout the year.


    Jazz Band

    Jazz Band I and II are auditioned ensembles.The Jefferson City High School Jazz Bands participate in several competitions and performances during the school year.  The community is invited every year to listen to the Jazz Bands perform at the Spaghetti and Jazz event held at the high school.


    Pep Band

    Pep Band involves all of the members of either the Symphonic or Concert Band. These
    groups are assigned at various times to perform for indoor athletic contest, pep rallies, etc.

    Color Guard

    Color Guard is selected each spring for the following year. Those selected by audition will register for band and be graded accordingly. The purpose of the Guard is to enhance the band’s marching performances with choreographed visual effects. They will use a variety of props with flags being their primary tool. This group will perform at all marching functions as a part of the Marching Jay Band. Uniforms are chosen or created according to the theme of the show and music for that year. Cost of some items of apparel may be the responsibility of the member.
    Color Guard has additional required rehearsal times.

    Intro and Advanced Music Theory

    Intro to music theory is designed to coincide with the first semester of college music theory.  A bit less vigorous, but gives thos students who move on to college for music an excellent start in the study.  In addition, it gives those students who just want to perform music, but have no plans for music in college, a great foundation in which to grow from.


    Advanced music theory picks up where the intro to music theory leaves off.  This class is designed to give students the tools to begin composing music in the traditional, four-part writing of the Baroque period.  Parallels to modern music are drawn and students will write commercial jingles in class, simple melodies with accompaniment and finish the semester with writing a four part chorale/high school style alma mater.

    Jazz, Pop and Rock

    Jazz, Pop and Rock is designed for the general music student and is an introduction to American popular music from early jazz and boogie woogie to current trends in popular music.  The course offers a non-performance based elective fine art credit.  Students will explore the influence of contemporary American music.  Topics covered include the “Golden Age” of rock and roll, country music, the Beatles, soul/rhythm and blues popular music, Woodstock, the 70’s, the 80’s and current popular music.

Last Modified on September 6, 2019