•  Distant Learning May 25 - 28



    May  25, 2020


    Hello Friends,


     Sending blessings and smiles your way. I am so happy to write to you all each week. Please remember to find something to read, play or do that makes you smile each day. 


    Summer is here and be of good cheer. I have enjoyed teaching each of you this year. I think of you all often and you are all special to me.




    Mrs. Garner



    Suggestions On What  You Can Say To Encourage Your Child Each Day 


    “I see you are working and learning every day, I am proud of you!”

    “I’m proud of you, you are working and learning, this makes me happy.”

    “Sometimes learning new things can be challenging, how can we work together to make this easier?”

    “Your ideas are interesting, tell me more about what you have learned.” 

     "I am excited to see what you are doing!"














































































    upload April 27 - May 1


     Hello My 2nd - Grade Families,

    Within the next few days our students will receive a learning/activity packet in the US Postal Service. This packet will include some new usernames and passwords for past and new learning apps and links.

    If you have any questions, please email me at larna.garner@jcschools.us and I will respond.

    Be BLESSED, Mrs. Garner 


    JC Schools will have Grab 'N Go Meals for our students & families available over the upcoming closure. Meals will be available from 11:30AM-1:00PM this week WED, THURS, FRI and MON-FRI beginning MARCH 30th until schools reopen. Meals will be available at the following locations: LCMS, TJMS, East, South, West, North, Pioneer Trail, Thorpe Gordon. Families can pick up breakfast and lunch (1 breakfast & 1 lunch for each child). Children must be present to pick up food. #JCStrongerTogether 



    April 27, 2020

    Hello Friends,


    How are you doing? Here’s a smile and a hug for each of you. I will continue to send emails inviting you to join our class in Google Meets. Friends, my email address is larna.garner@jcschools.us Thank you to the friends who have already emailed me. I enjoy hearing from you. Please look for Google Meets invites through your parents’ email. 


    Parents and friends, please continue to work on I-ready math for 15 -20 min and I-ready reading for 15 -20 minutes each day. If you have any questions, please email me and I will reply.


    Sending virtual hugs your way,

    Mrs. Garner


    *Newest Learning App

    World Book is a reliable encyclopedia

    reference source.


    worldbookonline.com  username jcps    password jcps




    1. This year you will have two teachers. Our names are Mrs. Garner and Ms. Russell.
    2. East School will open for students at 7:05.  Breakfast ends at 7:45. Instruction begins at 7:45  and ends at 2:45.
    3. Our room number is 12.   We are located on the 2nd floor.
    4. Students will use Keep All Hands Feet Other Objects To Yourself .
    5. Our class newsletter will be sent home each Monday along with a daily take home folder. The newsletter will include practice sheets of the skills that will be taught for the week. Students who complete these sheets and turn them in will earn a special treat each Friday.
    6. If you have any concerns please email or send a letter in the daily take home folder. larna.garner@jcschools.us 
    7. Please remember we here because of YOU!!!!
    8. In second grade you will learn new skills. Some skills will be easy and some will be challenging. No one is perfect. We all learn at a different pace. I have been teaching for more than 27 years and I am still learning. Smile
    9.  Students are not allowed to bring toys are playground equipment from home to school.
    10.  You are special and I am proud to be your teacher. WE WILL HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!



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