1. This year you will have two teachers. Our names are Mrs. Garner and Ms. Russell.
    2. East School will open for students at 7:05.  Breakfast ends at 7:45. Instruction begins at 7:45  and ends at 2:45.
    3. Our room number is 12.   We are located on the 2nd floor.
    4. Students will use Keep All Hands Feet Other Objects To Yourself .
    5. Our class newsletter will be sent home each Monday along with a daily take home folder. The newsletter will include practice sheets of the skills that will be taught for the week. Students who complete these sheets and turn them in will earn a special treat each Friday.
    6. If you have any concerns please email or send a letter in the daily take home folder. larna.garner@jcschools.us 
    7. Please remember we here because of YOU!!!!
    8. In second grade you will learn new skills. Some skills will be easy and some will be challenging. No one is perfect. We all learn at a different pace. I have been teaching for more than 27 years and I am still learning. Smile
    9.  Students are not allowed to bring toys are playground equipment from home to school.
    10.  You are special and I am proud to be your teacher. WE WILL HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!



    Mrs. Garner &  Ms. Russell’s Newsletter wk of Oct. 7

    Reading - Students will find books that will increase their reading levels. Students will identify the story plot from stories read in class.


    Writing - Students will learn that a noun names a person, place or thing. Students will be taught to use personal stories to become growing writers.


    Math - Students will add 10 more and  subtract 10 less to three digit numbers. Students will add 100 more and subtract 100 less to a three digit numbers.


    Science - Students will make predictions on what objects sink of float while participating in experiments within small learning groups

    Parent-teacher conferences  are Monday, November 4th and Thursday, November 7th.



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