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    A+ participants are expected to attend school regularly. A+ participants must graduate with a minimum cumulative (grades 9-12) attendance rate of 95%. (An attendance rate of 94.999% will not be rounded.)  A 95% attendance rate equates to approximately 34* absences in 9th-12th grades. In the event of inclement weather and multiple snow days (such as in the school year 2013-2014), the calculated 34 days of absences may not be accurate. (See calculations in red below) Parents/guardians and students MUST pay attention to is the 95% attendance requirement.  Parents/guardians and students may view current attendance percents on the parent and student portals under the A+ tab.  The attendance percent updates daily at 10 p.m.  ALL absences whether excused or unexcused count toward the total number of days missed.  ONLY school related activities are left out of this calculation.  
    *Seniors typically attend school for a total of 691 days during grades 9 - 12.  To obtain a 95% attendance rate a student would have to be counted present for 656.45 days.  A student who missed 34.68 days during the 2014-2015 school year ended with a 94.9446% attendance rate while a student who missed 34.19 days ended with a 95.016% attendance rate.  A 95% attendance rate for 2014-2015 equated to a student missing no more than 34.299804 days of school.  The 95% attendance "magic number" was 34.413872 days for the 2015-2016 school year.  ATTENDANCE RATES ARE NOT ROUNDED UP.
    Attendance is based upon all days when school is in regular session. Only the days and times calculated for Average Daily Attendance (ADA) will be used to determine the 95% attendance requirement. School-sponsored activities do not count against a student's attendance. The attendance office will keep the official record for each student. It is the responsibility of each A+ participant to closely monitor his/her attendance.  Attendance may easily be monitored on the student or parent portal.  Please see the following link for more information:  https://www.jcschools.us/Page/7444
    The A+ attendance policy may provide relief in cases where the absence was beyond the control of the A+ participant via an appeals process.** An Attendance Appeal Form must be filed in accordance with the established policy guidelines. Each A+ participant should read and understand the attendance policy.

    Anytime an A+ student is absent for one of the appealable reasons, the student may bring required documentation to the A+ office to be filed in case an attendance appeal needs to be made. This precaution will ensure that required documentation is already gathered and on file. Attendance appeals will NOT be granted for the following:

    · Truancy

    · Suspension

    · Personal/Family Vacation

    · Transportation



    **Attendance appeals may be directed to the A+ Schools Appeals Committee when a student has been declared ineligible. To appeal, the student or parent/guardian must notify the A+ Schools Coordinator in writing of his/her intent to appeal within 10 days of receiving an ineligibility letter.

    An A+ Appeals Committee shall hear the appeal within 10 days of receiving a written request and return its decision to the student in writing. The A+ Schools Coordinator will be a non-voting member in the appeals process. The student may appeal the A+ Appeals Committee's decision to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.
    Sample letters for MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION FOR ATTENDANCE APPEAL can be found under the A+ Downloads page:  https://www.jcschools.us/Page/7133



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