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    Students who participate in the A+ Schools Program must be good citizens and judged so by the proper school authorities.  Students and parents/guardians need to be aware that good citizenship is something that occurs 24/7/365.  Good citizenship is not limited to the school day.
    • The student must have no incident of drug or alcohol possession or use and/or abuse. Any violation (possession of drugs (including prescription drugs not prescribed to the appropriate person) or alcohol, minor in possession (MIPs), possession of paraphernalia, use, manufacture, sale or transportation) will result in loss of eligibility from the program.
    • The student must adhere to a code of behavior that will demonstrate respect for authority, faculty, school property, and their fellow students. The schools printed discipline policy will serve as the definition of appropriate behavior. Specific information can be found in the school handbook and district policy manual.
    • Students who receive any suspension other than In-School-Suspension as a result of a violation of the school's handbook will not qualify.   ** See appeals procedure below. **
    • Students who receive punishment for a violation of the Safe Schools Act will be removed from the A+ Program (including but not limited to: assault, weapons, and drug distribution).
    • Students who are convicted of a felony will not qualify.

    Citizenship appeals may be directed to the A+ Schools Appeals Committee when a student believes that he/she has been declared ineligible unfairly. To appeal, the student or parent/guardian must notify the A+ Schools Coordinator in writing of his/her intent to appeal within 10 days of receiving an ineligibility letter.

    An A+ Appeals Committee shall hear the appeal within 10 days of receiving a written request and return its decision to the parent/student in writing. The A+ Schools Coordinator will be a non-voting member in the Appeals Process. The student may appeal the A+ Appeals Committees decision to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.
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