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    A minimum of fifty unpaid hours of tutoring is required to be eligible for state reimbursed tuition.  Students at Jefferson City High School obtain these hours through the A+ Tutoring Course during their senior year or during summer school preceding their senior year.  See the A+ Coordinator for opportunities to accumulate extra hours.  The following is the A+ Tutoring course description found in the Student Academic Planning Guide:
    A+ Tutoring:    A+ Tutoring gives students the opportunity to explore the Human Services career path as they assist and encourage younger students under the supervision of a classroom teacher.  They will have the opportunity to observe and to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to be successful in such a career.  This course satisfies the mentoring/tutoring hours necessary for the A+ program.  An A+ agreement is required and students are responsible for arranging their school site.  Prerequisite:  2.5 GPA or Supervisor approval
    It is the responsibility of all A+ students to secure a tutoring assignment with a JCPS teacher before the initial day of A+ tutoring. A tutoring orientation is held at the beginning of each semester.  Required paperwork is given to the student on orientation day.  Paperwork is due in the A+ office on day two of tutoring before the school day begins.   The student begins their tutoring assignment on day two of the term assigned.  Tutoring goes through the last day of the term, with the A+ time sheet due in the A+ office no later than the end of the school day on the last day of the assigned term.

    Transportation to and from locations away from the A+ participants home school is the responsibility of the A+ participant. To participate in off-site tutoring, the student must have on file, an A+ Transportation Permission Form.

    The student must maintain a log sheet to include the date, length of tutoring sessions, and signature of the supervising employee. Log sheets will be distributed to the A+ tutor and are available from the A+ Office. Students will not receive credit for unverified activities or for activities verified on forms that are lost or not delivered to the A+ Office. Failure to turn in authorized log sheets could jeopardize eligibility in the A+ Program.

    Tutoring activities are to be conducted in a controlled, disciplined, and orderly manner and only for as long as the experience is productive and necessary. Participants should consider themselves as guests of the school and classrooms where the tutoring occurs and should conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the Jefferson City High School student handbook.

    Responsibilities of tutoring assignments include participation at agreed upon times and dates. Advance notification should be given when the A+ participant will not be able to meet the tutoring obligation.

    The Jefferson City School District employee will conduct an evaluation of the student's tutoring obligation every four and a half weeks. A+ participants who do not meet the behavioral expectations of the supervising Jefferson City School District employee during any portion of the tutoring experience risk forfeiture of tutoring opportunities.

    A+ students who feel there are problems and/or conflicts with the supervising Jefferson City district employee or tutoring assignment (i.e. teacher, student, etc.) should report the problem(s) immediately to the A+ Coordinator.

    All tutoring activities must be completed prior to the graduation date with final log sheets turned in the A+ Office not later than the last day of school. This enables the A+ Coordinator to verify eligibility and file all necessary paperwork.

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