Important Information (Senior year)

    Jay Graduation

    ·       Make sure your A+ agreement is on file

    ·       Complete 50 hours of tutoring

    ·       See the A+ Coordinator if you plan to graduate early

    ·       Maintain GPA, Attendance and Citizenship requirements

    ·       Make sure you are proficient or advanced on a math EOC (See Algebra I EOC Requirement Page) or have a qualifying Math ACT score

    ·       Submit FASFA and provide A+ coordinator with proof of completion

    ·       JC Senior boys: If you are 18 or will be 18 within the next month, you need to register for the Selective Service. The website is www.sss.gov. The law says that all 18 year old men, including US citizens living abroad and non-citizen immigrant males age18-25, must register.

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