• English I and English II:
    Both courses include reading a variety of short stories, novels, nonfiction and self-selected books/articles. Learning targets are focused on the objectives in the Missouri Learning Standards. In addition to reading both fiction and informational text,  the core standards focus on writing, speaking and listening, and language conventions.  Each course will include project-based learning components where students will work collaboratively, research, write, and present their findings to a public audience.  Both classes include an End of Course exam; the English II class also requires a performance event as part of the End of Course exam.
    Students will strive for mastery of the objectives and assessment is on going throughout the semester.  These formative assessments are designed to build each student's confidence as well as competence before taking any type of summative assessment (i.e., a quiz, essay, oral presentation, or EOC).  Final grades are based on the district grading scale.
    SOAR (Service Opportunities for Active Readers)
    SOAR is designed to promote and celebrate reading, service, and character. The SOAR class also strives to create a climate of growth and achievement through goal-setting, establishing good habits of learning, improving vocabulary, strengthening comprehension, and developing fluency.  The class will encourage small group and individualized instruction to improve overall reading skills. A variety of literacy awareness activities, research, vocabulary development, and reading of novels that explore character building situations in teens' lives will be the focus of the class. Service learning opportunities will also be a part of our SOAR class. Service activities and weekly visits to a local elementary school are included for active reader experiences.  tutor/mentor young readers.  Reading appreciation projects such as the design and production of reading totes for kindergarten and first grade reading buddies provide students to take their learning beyond the high school classroom and promote reading as a foundational skill for future learning. Studets also volunteer at our local food bank. The SOAR program has been recognized multiple times for promising practice awards through CharacterPlus.org.

    TIPS FOR SUCCESS in English I, II and SOAR
    Be prompt.
    Be prepared.
    Be respectful.
    Be responsible.
Last Modified on February 12, 2018