• ALPHABET BOTTLE- Fill a small plastic bottle with corn syrup, colorful letter confetti and some marbles.  use duct tape to make sure the cap stays on.  The marbles add interest and break apart the letters if they clump together.  Keep this one at the writing table.
    • COLOR OF THE MONTH - Have a Color of the month (or  week) area in the classroom and use a variety of shampoos and hair gels to fill the bottles.
    • MAGNET BOTTLES - Rice with metal objects that will be attracted by a magnet.  The kids use a magnetic wand to uncover all the hidden objects. (Be sure to leave room for the rice to move around or the objects will be unable to come to the surface).
    • OCEAN BOTTLE- Sand, Water, seashells and small sea things.
    • OCEAN WAVE BOTTLE- 1\4 bottle of colored water (mix this part first), add mineral oil until the bottle is 2\3 full.  Gently rock the bottle back and forth and watch the waves.
    • BUBBLE BOTTLE- Add 1 cup of water, a squirt of dish detergent, and 2 drops of food coloring to the bottle.  Shake to make colored bubbles.

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