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  • 2018-19 Academy Information 
    The goal of Jefferson City Public Schools is to provide a quality education for ALL students. The Academies @ Jefferson City High School are a tool in the Pre K - 12th grade educational process to ensure all students have a college-, career- and life-ready education. The Academies will continue to be fine-tuned and updated yearly in order to make improvements that are simplified, flexible and sustainable.
    In the 2018-2019 school year, students may choose a general area of interest in one of three Academies, or students may choose the "Traditional Path" option for a general education. Click on the links below to learn more about the four options available.
    Simonsen students who choose an Academy will continue to receive instruction in the core content areas along with an Academy flavor and may take an introduction course in their area of interest. At the end of their freshman, sophomore and junior years, students will be allowed to switch Academies and will also have the opportunity to select a college, career and Traditional Path course option as mentioned above.
    The five pillars established through the academies - which include 1:World technology, relevant introductory courses, small learning communities, exposure to rigorous curriculum with a career theme and business partnerships -  will remain as the foundation of the Academies moving forward. As we (administrators, teachers and staff) continue to work through the process we will communicate information frequently and messaging will be specific to audiences (i.e. staff, parents, students, business partners and community). Our intent is to ensure that we are vetting our processes with fidelity, "slow and steady" as we work together to improve the Academies and ensure our kids learn every day!
  • What Makes Academies Special?

    Smaller Learning Communities are the basis of Academy learning. Students in an Academy take many courses together, creating important relationships within the school setting.

    College & Career-Related Instruction allows students to see the connection between what is taught in school and how it is used in the workplace.

    Collaboration between employers, the community and higher education brings outside resources into the high school to not only help motivate students, but also to further show the relevance of their instruction.

    Well-Rounded & Focused Instruction is given to every student, regardless of the Academy he or she selects. This ensures all students that graduate from JCHS are college and career-ready.