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    Early Childhood Special Education



    Dear Southwest Families,

     The faculty and staff would like to welcome you to an exciting new year at Southwest! At Southwest we strive to become a premiere early childhood center and we commit to nurture a school climate where all individuals feel respected, supported, appreciated, and safe. We focus on collaboration with families, schools, and community, while providing high quality instruction to develop lifelong learners. We believe that through a strong partnership among our staff, families and community that we will have a very successful year.

    Staff have worked very hard to prepare for a school year filled with meaningful hands-on learning for all of our students. We strive to provide a balanced instructional program, which will stimulate your child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and academic growth.

    We hope that this handbook provides answers to your questions about daily procedures, routines and rules. Please refer to this handbook and feel free to call the school with questions.

     We are excited about this upcoming year! Together we will prepare your child for a successful school career!   We believe children will achieve at high levels when the parent and teacher work together to set reasonable, high expectations and provide intentional support and guidance. As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher and most important teacher and we value your participation on our team. As a part of our team, we expect you to attend school functions, communicate with your child’s teacher and to support your child’s learning through activities at home such as daily reading and talking about your child’s day at school.

    Thank you for being a part of our team.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office.


    We Wish You Well,

    Southwest Early Childhood Staff



    To the extent this information may conflict with Jefferson City School District Board Policy...Board Policy prevails



    Principal:   Sarah Wilding            

    Phone: 573-659-3026 or 573-632-3435

    Department Secretary: Shelley Walton

                Phone: 573-632-3435

    Southwest ECSE Office:     573-632-3435   Fax 573-632-3437

    District Website:                 https://www.jcschools.us

    Find us on Facebook            : Friends and Families of Southwest Early Childhood Center

                Jefferson City Public Schools or Jefferson City Public Schools-Parents as Teachers


    Family School Advocate: Lisa Dierking

    School Nurse: Ann Zoellner, RN

    JCPS School Resource Officer: Les Martin

     Mascot: Cubs



     With the exception of drop off and pick up times exterior doors will be locked for safety.

     Drop-Off Procedure beginning at 7:20 and 11:20

    Enter the driveway on the left (west) side of the school. You may park in the visitor parking or in parking spots along fence. You must walk your child into school and to their classroom. DO NOT park in the lot adjacent to the small house next door to the school.

     Pick-Up Procedure beginning at 10:20 and 2:20

    Only individuals on the approved pick-up list will be allowed to pick up a student. If someone not on approved pick up list will be picking up your child, a verified phone call or note signed by a parent/guardian must be turned in to the office.


    Students will only be dismissed from the office. Parents/guardians must check their students in and out through the office. A photo ID is required . Please call the school office at 632-3435 to report you child’s absence. If your child rides the bus, please notify First Student when they are absent. First Student’s phone number is 659-3039


     Southwest School and Playground Behavior: A safe, nurturing and orderly environment is necessary for optimal academic progress.  FLIP FLOPS are NOT allowed on the playground! Tennis shoes or shoes with backs are safest.    We have three basic rules:  Be safe!  Be Kind!  Make good choices!

     Snacks: Milk and a snack are provided. If your child has special dietary requirements, a note from their physician is required.

    Social Worker and Therapy Dog

    Mrs. Dierking is able to connect families with community resources and services and often completes home visits.   Mrs. Dierking is the handler of our school therapy dog, Shoney.

     Parent Meetings

    Mrs. Dierking and parent educators will provide monthly group meetings for parents to come together, get to know each other and learn about Conscious Discipline.

     Birthdays:  Students may bring treats to share on their birthdays.    All classrooms have up to 10 students. Talk to your child’s teacher about a precise number.  Only pre-packaged treats are acceptable .

    Invitations for students’ birthday parties that will be celebrated at home will not be distributed at school unless the entire class is invited.  



    NEWSLETTERS: Newsletters from your child’s teacher will keep you up to date on classroom events. A monthly principal’s newsletter will have information about school-wide events.   Please check your child’s backpack or take-home folder daily.

     THERAPY NOTEBOOKS: Therapy notebooks are sent back and forth between home and school. Therapists will send notes about skills worked on, progress on goals and other information. Please be sure to check your child’s folder on a regular basis. You may also use this notebook to communicate with your child’s therapist(s).

     CONCERNS:  If you have a concern, it is best to first discuss it with your child’s teacher or therapist. Please schedule an appointment during their planning time, before school, or after school. If a concern is not resolved after talking to the teacher or therapist, call or make an appointment with Sarah Wilding, Principal.  

     PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Parents and classroom teachers have two conferences/year:  one in October and one in March.    At each conference, you will receive a report of your child’s progress.

     CHANGE OF ADDRESS, WORKPLACE, OR PHONE NUMBERS:  Notify the school immediately if you have a change of:  address, home phone number, work phone number, or emergency contacts during the school year.



     In the event of a required evacuation from the building in which we are not allowed back inside, all students will be relocated to our safe house, the Armory next door to the building.  Students may be picked up at the Armory by parents, guardians or your designated emergency contact person. 

    In the event of a tornado, please note that children are not allowed to leave the building when the tornado sirens are going off.  Parents may come to Southwest and wait with their child, but may not leave with their child until the sirens have stopped.


     Notifications for inclement weather can be found on your local news stations, the JCPS website and Facebook group or the Southwest Friends and Family Facebook group. Be sure to keep your phone number updated with the school to allow us to use mobile alerts!


    If the district utilizes a late start due to weather the morning sessions of preschool WILL NOT be in session.


    If weather is likely to present a hazard for transporting students home safely, the district may determine that a 2 or 3 hour early release is necessary.   Afternoon sessions of preschool WILL NOT be in session in this event.


     In order to help us maintain that environment, we request that any individual visiting the school, for any reason, report first to the school office and get a visitor’s pass.

     Visiting a classroom:  If you wish to visit a classroom during instructional time, call the office at (573) 659-3026 to make an appointment with the classroom teacher prior to your visit.  \

     Visiting the PAT Drop in and Play Center:  Open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for participants in Parents As Teachers ONLY.  The Drop In and Play Center is also open on nights when nightly activities are taking place in the building.  


    District PreK-Gr.8 Cell Phone/ Electronic Device Policy

     It is strongly recommended that students and parents carefully weigh the choice of whether or not to bring personal cell phones, music players, cameras, and other electronic devices to school. These items can be disruptive to the learning environment, often create discipline problems, and are frequently damaged, lost, or stolen. Parents are reminded that in case of an emergency, the main office is the appropriate point of contact to ensure that your child is quickly reached and assisted. If students do bring cell phones and/or other electronic devices to school, they will need to be turned off during the school day and stored in their backpacks or assigned lockers. Students who bring cell phones or other devices to school are responsible for the safety and security of those devices. Headphones or ear buds will need to be stored securely and should not be worn during school unless the teacher has approved an activity that requires listening on chrome books or school provided media. The school accepts no responsibility for cell phones or other electronic devices that are lost, damaged, or stolen at school or while traveling to and from school. Cell phones and personal electronic devices will not be used during any part of the school day, therefore, should not be visible during the school day.