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  • Is this Academy for you? 
    Are you interested in law or public safety?
     Do you enjoy working in the kitchen and cooking meals?
    Are you a good listener?
    Have you cared for children or done babysitting?
    Do you enjoy helping your friends with their problems?
    Do you enjoy fashion and helping your people look their best? 

    If you answered YES to two or more of the questions above, the Human Service Academy is a fit for you! In the Human Service Academy you will work with individuals and families to meet their personal needs. Some skills you will learn are customers service, communication, reasoning and problem solving, and working with people. We are the HELPING academy!

    Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs.

    Fashion Design & Marketing and Cosmetology
    The use of current trends in fashion to analyze, develop, and implement sales strategies. Fashion marketing investigates the relationship between fashion design and marketing including the development, promotion, advertising, and retailing aspects of the fashion industry. A cosmetologist is a trained professional specializing in personal beauty and aesthetics such as hairstyling, makeup, and nail care.
    • Clothing Designer
    • Costume Designer
    • Barbers and Hairdressers
    • Makeup Artist
    • Promotion and Selling of Designer Products
    • Trend Analyst
    • Apparel Business Owner
    • Buyer

    Law & Public Safety
    Planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security, including professional and technical support services.
    • Correction Services
    • Emergency and Fire Management Services
    • Security & Protective Services
    • Law Enforcement Services
    • Legal Services
    Tourism & Hotel Management
    Hospitality & Tourism encompasses the management, marketing and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel related services.
    • Aromatherapist
    • Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services
    • Lodging
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Recreation, Amusements & Attractions

    Culinary Arts
    Culinary arts is the art of preparing and cooking food. They are required to have a knowledge of the science of food and an understanding of diet and nutrition.
    • Restaurant Management
    • Food and Beverage Controller
    • Food Writers and Food Critics
    • Chef

    Planning,managing and providing education and training services, and related learning support services.
    • Administration and Administrative Support
    • Professional Support Services
    • Teaching/Training