Mrs. Bertels
    Mrs. Ann Bertels

    English I and Honors English I
    Plan Time: 5th Period (1:04 - 1:52)


    Class Schedule

    8:40 - 9:28  English I

    9:34 - 10:22  LCI/Plan time

    10:128 - 11:16  Honors English I

    11:22 - 12:58  English I

    1:04 - 1:52  RtI/Plan time

    1:58 - 2:46  English I

    2:52 - 3:40  English I


    It is so exciting to have freshmen in the building again. I am looking forward to working with you! My goal is to help you create a solid foundation of language arts skills and develop at least an appreciation if not a love for the written word.  

  • Course Description:


    English I- both regular and honors - is a whole year course meeting every day for one period. This course will span many genres of literature, both fiction and nonfiction, and will use literary analysis as a springboard for composition, vocabulary and grammar study.


    A variety of content will be covered.  This content includes short stories, novels, articles, research papers, poetry, drama, vocabulary, grammar usage and mechanics, and timed writings. Students will conduct close readings and discussions of a variety of titles, and they will increase their ability to use textual evidence to prove an argument. A complete curriculum can be found on the district website.

    There are six units of study.  Each unit has an assortment of formative assessments and a summative assessment test in SchoolNet.  Students will take a midterm exam in December and a final exam in May.  They will also periodically take iReady reading assessments.


    At the end of the course, students will take the End of Course exam as mandated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 


    English Department Grading Scale


    Grades are devided into Formative, Summative, and End of Semester categories.  The Summative category will have unit assessments (SchoolNet tests and final copies).  The End of Term category will include the Midterm Exam and the EOC score. The Formative category will have all other grades (daily work, quiz scores, grammar scores, etc.). 


    Late and Absent Work


    We will follow the English department late policy. If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, then it is your responsibility to notify me in advance and collect your work. Letting me know as you walk out the door does not count. All work is due at the beginning of the period. I will follow the English Department’s policy on late work. Grading late work is almost always at the bottom of my priority list, so it may take me several days to get it assessed. 

    Extra Help


    I am usually here by 7:15, so come in early.


    I am here after school until 4:00, but I can stay later by appointment.  Come talk with me to make those arrangements.  


    My conference time is during 5th period.


    You can most easily contact me by email at ann.bertels@jcschools.us.


    Classroom Rules


    1. Be safe.


    2. Be kind.


    3. Be prepared.


    4. Be engaged.


    5. Be the best version of yourself.

    Classroom “Housekeeping” 


    Expect regular speaking and listening grades based on your contributions and attention to classroom discussions. Every student can earn all of these points.  It just takes effort and engagement.  These few points every week add up quickly!


    If you arrive after the bell rings, you are tardy. I follow the handbook tardy policy.


    Cheating, stealing, or plagiarizing material from a classmate or another source will result in an automatic zero. You will also earn a discipline referral.


    All major papers will be turned in via turnitin.com to check for plagiarism as well as to Google Classroom to be assessed.


    Class is not a spectator sport.  It requires you to be an active participant.  Remember, what you get out of class is directly linked to the effort you put into it.


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