Laura Schwalenberg
    NCC Agriculture Educator/FFA Advisor
    Please contact me anytime M-F: 
    NCC Office Phone #: 573-659-3100
  • Class Schedule/Times: 
    1st Hr 
     8:40-9:40am= Teacher Planning Hour
    2nd Hr
    9:48-10:42am= (TJMS) Exploring Agriculture
    3rd Hr
    10:43-11:37am= (TJMS) Exploring Agriculture
    4th Hr 
    **11:40-12:55pm= Building Travel/ Lunch**
    5th Hr
    1:00-1:50pm= (NCC) Intro to Agriculture
    6th Hr
    1:55-2:45pm= (NCC) Intro to Agriculture
    7th Hr
    2:50-3:40pm= (NCC) Conservation (S1) / Floral Design (S2)
Last Modified on August 19, 2020