Sixth Grade Earth Science

Welcome to Mr Stanley's sixth grade science classroom

Welcome Lewis and Clark sixth grade science students and parents:)!

  • I am looking forward to a great year! Thanks for allowing me to be apart of the growth of knowledge in Earth Science in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year:)!

Earth Science Class Schedule

  • ADV/AL) ADV6-7 Advisory 6
    1a)6300-5 Science 6(Red)
    1a)6300-6 Science 6(Yellow)
    2a)6300-7 Science 6(Red)
    2a)6300-8 Science 6(Yellow)
    3a)6300AO-5 Science 6(attend only)(Yellow)
    3a)6300AO-6 Science 6(attend only)(Red)
    3b)6300AO-7 Science 6(attend only)(Yellow)
    3b)6300AO-8 Science 6(attend only)(Red)
    4a)990-52 Planning Time(Red)