Geometry and Algebra 1

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  • Welcome to Geometry and Algebra 1!

    Algebra 1 is our introductory math course for the majority of student in grades 9 and 10.  I am very excited to work with students on develop the skills in algebra that are necessary for success in their future mathematics courses.

    Geometry is the second teir course in our math curriculum.  Students learn the language of mathematics and the application of postulates, theorems, and properties that are used to develop spacial reasoning skills.

  • Kyle Stoecklein


    School Phone: 573-659-3050


    1st Period:  Geometry   Rm: 111  Time: 8:40-9:28

    2nd Period: Geometry   Rm: 111  Time: 9:32-10:22

    3rd Period:  Plan                             Time:  10:28-11:16

    4th Period:  LCI                               Time:  11:22-12:58

    5th Period:  Algebra 1   Rm: 103  Time: 1:04-1:52

    6th Period:  Algebra 1   Rm: 103  Time: 1:58-2:46

    7th Period:  Algebra 1   Rm: 103  Time: 2:52-3:40

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