Welcome to Mr. Proctor's classroom!

Speech and Debate
  • Welcome! 

    Whether it's English, Speech or Debate I am looking forward to teaching and coaching everyone this year! 

  • Cody Proctor

    Junior English, Oral Comm., Competitive Speaking and Interpretation

    Speech and Debate Teacher

    School Phone #: 573-659-3286


    Plan period: 6th hour (1:53-2:54) M-F


  • 1st hour--> 8:40-9:31 English III

    2nd hour--> 9:36-10:27 (S1) Speech I & II / (S2) Debate I & II

    3rd hour--> 10:32-11:23 English III

    4th hour--> 11:28-12:52 Lunch Duty

    5th hour--> 12:57-1:48 Competitive Speaking and Interpretation 

    6th hour--> 1:53-2:44 Plan Period

    7th hour--> 2:49-3:40 English III


Last Modified on August 19, 2020