• How to Access your SPS Google Account with Launch

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    Due to the volume of enrollments, Launch is still in the process of assigning teachers to students as quickly as they can. If your student has not been contacted by a Launch teacher yet they should have one assigned to them by the end of this week. Sometimes the first email from Launch may go to your spam/junk mail folder, so if you have not received a message yet, you might check there too.

    Once a teacher is assigned to your student they will receive the proper Springfield Public Schools (SPS.org) credentials for Launch. It is important to note that your student will need to log out of their jcschools account on their Chromebook and then log back in using their SPS.org credentials (to do so, go to ‘add a person’ in the lower left corner of the lock screen of the Chromebook).

    If you have questions or need further assistance please reach out to the following contacts:

    • Contact Launch directly via email at support@fueledbylaunch.com or phone at (417) 523-0417.
    • If you have a device issued by JC Schools and need technology support, please fill out the student device support form and someone in the technology department will get back to you soon.
    • Access Launch “Getting Started FAQs” HERE.
    • Access Launch resources such as an elementary guide for getting started, canvas tutorials, and video tutorials HERE.