Students who are CURRENTLY enrolled virtually do not need to re-register. The principals and counselors are working to determine students who will be asked to return in-seat. All others will be re-enrolled for the second semester. Schedules are established for semester 2 for grades K-8. High school counselors are working with students to get semester 2 schedules established.
    Students who wish to NEWLY enroll virtually for semester 2:  
    • If the student is currently enrolled with JC Schools (in-seat):  Visit our website at www.jcschools.us and scroll down to "Virtual Education Courses" and click the link. This will take you to a page of general information. Mid-way through the page, you will see a "Getting Started" heading. Click the link to the Virtual Enrollment Application Form (semester 2) and complete the information.

    • If the student is NOT currently enrolled with JC Schools: Go to JC Schools website > Students & Families > New to District to enroll. Once the student has registered through our online registration system, they may submit an entry in the Virtual Enrollment Application Form (referenced above).


    Enroll Here