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  • Have you ever?

    Posted by Deenna Burris on 7/21/2021

    Have you ever thought about traveling to another country or being involved in a different culture than your own? 

    Book are an amazing way to travel and discover things about yourself and others. When we learn more about other things, we can better understand both empathy and compassion for others. 


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By Month

  • The Boy in the Woods

    by Harlan Coben Year Published: 2020 Suspense/Thriller

    She was there and then she was gone. A girl who cries wolf still deserves to be noticed, right? The problem had always been she was noticed too often and not in the kindest of ways. Does someone care enough to look deeper?

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  • Same, Same But Different

    by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw Year Published: 2011 Diversity

    Two friends, completely different countries. Through sharing about their lives while being pen pals, they learn truly how they are the same but different. Friends. 

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