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    I'm Mr. William Grother, and I'm proud to say I work for and with our Jefferson City Schools.  Prior to coming to Jefferson City, I worked with districts in the Kansas City area, and statewide to create and develop this program we call "Missouri Options."  From the very start of the program in 2002, I have seen it expand into over 200 districts statewide.   Our purpose, simply put, is to provide students who would not otherwise graduate with a "path to graduation."   Our program is limited to students who are 1.  At least 17 years of age, and are 2.  At least one (1) full year behind in credits to graduate.  To enter our program students must have a job with at least 15 hours per week (or comparable proof of community service) and they must pass an entrance exam.  The exam to get in is called the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).  Students must score at or above the 8th grade level in Math and Reading along with meet other requirements of the program.  In the past year, our local program here in Jefferson City graduated more students than any other program in the state.  We're very proud of our team here at JCAC and look forward to even more graduates next year.


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