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COVID-19 Positive Case Tracker

When the Jefferson City School District receives notification and confirmation of a student or staff member testing positive for COVID-19 the following steps will be taken: 

  • The district will begin the process to determine when the student/staff member became symptomatic and whether they were on school property while symptomatic; 
  • If it is determined the student/staff member was not on school property within 48 hours before becoming symptomatic and has had no close contact with other students/staff members, communication will not be sent; 
  • If it is determined the student/staff member was on school property while symptomatic or within 48 hours before becoming symptomatic, the district will begin our contact tracing process to determine whether any other students or staff members may be identified as having close contact with the individual. Contact tracing investigation will include assessment of individuals determined to be within six feet of the positive case for longer than 15 minutes.
  • After contact tracing has identified potential close contacts, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine which close contacts are considered at risk for transmission and should be quarantined. Variables include: 
    • Type and severity of symptoms exhibited by the positive case (such as cough/fever vs. headache or asymptomatic);
    • Positioning of people relative to the positive case (individuals facing one another vs. individuals who never face one another);
    • Any physical contact with the positive case (individuals who talk and frequently interact vs. individuals who never interact);
    • Layers of protection in place (masks worn properly, barriers such as plexiglass, etc).
  • After the investigation findings are reviewed and approved by the positive case’s local health department, the district notifies staff members or families of students identified as close contacts.
  • The number of new cases within the school environment will be updated daily and posted to the website, at a minimum. Should any concerning trends develop, such as a cluster or outbreak within a building, or a positive case in a building for the first time, notification will still be sent to staff and families of that building as soon as possible. This would include any activity that would warrant the temporary or extended closure of a classroom, grade, or building.


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