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A Message from Superintendent Larry Linthacum re: 5-6 Building Plan

Hello JC Schools Family,

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who was able to attend our public ribbon cutting & open house events at Jefferson City High School, Nichols Career Center, and Capital City High School yesterday. It was thrilling to see the excitement on the faces of those in attendance viewing the completed spaces for the first time. We are proud to finish these projects on time and under budget.

District leaders have spent the past 10 months gathering stakeholder input to determine the best solution to address ongoing overcrowding at our K-8 buildings. We appreciate those who have volunteered to be a part of this process, particularly those who have invested their time as members of our Facilities Focus Group.

The plan to build two 5-6 buildings, which was recently presented for consideration to our Board of Education and at two public town halls, could be accomplished with a no tax rate increase, and we believe it is a viable solution to address K-8 overcrowding.

However, after considerable reflection and further input gathering, we have decided more time is needed to evaluate possible solutions for addressing not only K-8 overcrowding, but also activities facilities needs and renovations of existing buildings. The 5-6 building plan is a solid plan, and we may ultimately determine that it is, in fact, the right plan. But we want to take more time to ensure the plan we bring forward is the absolute best plan to set our students up to be successful now and in the future to come.

Our district is at a critical time of transition, and there are some key priorities which deserve our undivided attention, including student achievement, literacy, student behaviors, and building climate and culture. Slowing down the bond issue process will allow us to remain laser-focused on our top priorities, while continuing to consider long-term facilities solutions.

Moving forward, we will gather public input, keep meeting with staff to collect their feedback, and work to assess our district’s short- and long-term needs.

I appreciate your patience while we continue focusing on getting our house in order. I am confident we will be ready to come back to you with a plan to address K-8 overcrowding and other needs next year. You will be hearing from us regularly on the work we are doing between now and then, and when the time comes to provide feedback, I do hope you will share your thoughts and ideas, as we are truly stronger together.


Dr. Larry Linthacum