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JC Schools 6-12 Grade Students Temporary Transition to Distance Learning


Good afternoon JC Schools families,

The spread of COVID-19 throughout our community continues to put a strain on staffing for the Jefferson City School District. 

Over the past several weeks, our middle and high schools have begun experiencing further staffing shortages. We are seeing more absences due to positive COVID-19 cases and individuals who are quarantined. These absences are in addition to the absences we see in a normal school year due to other illness or unforeseen circumstances.

The number of staff absences creates a challenging environment for the staff who remain in the buildings, and it becomes increasingly difficult to provide the type of safe and quality learning environment our students deserve. 

Therefore, we have made the decision to temporarily transition our 6th-12th grade students to distance learning. This transition will not impact students in grades PreK-5. 


  • THURSDAY 11/12: This will be the last day for in-seat learning for students this week. Chromebooks will be sent home with students.
  • FRIDAY 11/13: There will be no in-seat or distance learning for students. Staff will spend the day preparing for the transition to distance learning.
  • MONDAY 11/16 - FRIDAY 11/20: Students will engage in distance learning.
  • FRIDAY 11/13 - FRIDAY 11/20: Meals will be made available for pick-up between 11:00am-1:00pm at LCMS, TJMS, JCHS and CCHS. Students do not have to pick-up meals at the building they attend.
    • Meal pick-up at LCMS and TJMS will be at the drop-off location for morning car riders;
    • Meal pick-up at JCHS will be at the front circle drive on Jayette Drive;
    • Meal pick-up at CCHS will be at the St. Mary’s Health Center side of the building.
  • MONDAY 11/23 - FRIDAY 11/27: Schools are closed for the week of Thanksgiving, there will be no in-seat or distance learning.
  • Building administrators and teachers have been preparing for the potential for additional distance learning since last spring. Teachers have been communicating and modeling a variety of digital tools and platforms with students at various times during in-seat instruction since the start of school.
  • There are three major components of distance learning that will differ from last spring.
    • The school day schedule for distance learning will be exactly the same as the in-seat school day schedule. Students will engage daily in a variety of instructional activities and will follow the same bell schedule. 
    • Learning will be facilitated by teachers using Google Classroom.
    • Unlike last spring, the grades students earn on assignments during distance learning will count the same as if students were in-seat and be included in the quarter grades recorded on report cards.
  • Staff members are working to determine which students will need MiFi devices in order to access their school work virtually.
  • Because the transition to distance learning is expected to be temporary and is related to staffing shortages, extracurricular activities will continue with normal operations, practice and game schedules.
  • Students at JCHS, CCHS, and JCAC who are enrolled in CTE courses at Nichols Career Center will still attend those classes in-seat, but will complete their other high school programming through distance learning.
  • This transition will not impact any of the students currently enrolled in virtual education with Launch.

At this time, our plan is for students in grades 6-12 to return to in-seat learning on Monday, November 30th. However, if that changes for any reason we will notify you as quickly as possible.

JC Schools, like so many of you, believes our students learn best in the classroom and we are committed to working to keep our schools open. We are hopeful that this temporary transition to distance learning will allow for a quick and safe return to in-seat learning. 

Thank you,
Jefferson City School District