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JC Schools Announces 2021 Eisinger Awards for Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Educator

JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City School District and JC Schools Foundation are proud to announce the 2021 Eisinger Awards for Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Educator. The Eisinger Award recipients were chosen from a field of full-time certified teachers, school librarians, guidance counselors, and instructional coaches who were nominated by colleagues, parents, and students for possessing the qualities of a great educator. Don and Linda Eisinger established the Eisinger Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Educator awards in 2015 with plans to support the awards for a total of 15 years.

2021 Eisinger Teacher of the Year, Adrianna Sanders 

The recipient of the 2021 Eisinger Teacher of the Year award is Ms. Adrianna Sanders, an English teacher at Jefferson City High School. At JCHS, Ms. Sanders leads professional development training on teaching students affected by poverty, teaching students with behavioral problems, and teaching while giving grace, squashing grudges, and using the “quit taking it personally” method.

In interviews, Ms. Sanders said, “The reason I became a teacher is because I feel like the kid that gets lost is the kid that we lose as a community. From the day the kids come into my class I tell them ‘we’re a family.’ If we can catch kids while they are in high school and help them become better adults then the community benefits from that, and the kids benefit from that.” See more from Ms. Sander’s interview here

2021 Eisinger Outstanding Educator, Alex Miriani 

Capital City High School teacher Mrs. Alex Miriani was named the 2021 Eisinger Outstanding Educator. She is currently the lead math teacher at CCHS and teaches three algebra subjects. Miriani also has experience with curriculum writing, and rewriting the district curriculum for Algebra I, Algebra IA, and Algebra IB. 

“It is the greatest challenge, and so fun, to change the minds of kids who come in expecting to hate my class because they think they hate math. If you can make a connection with the kid who might not love math, but ends up loving my class, it opens up so many doors. My ‘why’ is waking up every single day and working with those kids to change their minds and be successful.” See more from Mrs. Miriani’s interview here

The other educators selected as 2021 Eisinger Teacher of the Year finalists include: 

  • Breanne Clawson, Virtual Kindergarten Teacher
  • Rick Hirst, Jefferson City High School Science Teacher
  • Ashley McCollum, Pioneer Trail Elementary Physical Education Teacher
  • Aimee Veile, Jefferson City High School Orchestra Teacher

The Eisinger Teacher of the Year Selection Committee, composed of Jefferson City area community members, chose the six finalists based on written applications and personal interviews and then chose the Eisinger Teacher of the Year and the Eisinger Outstanding Educator. These awards were announced during a ceremony at the Miller Performing Arts Center, which was live streamed here.

Adrianna Sanders    Alex Miriani