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JC Schools Statement Regarding Critical Race Theory

Jefferson City School District Statement on Critical Race Theory - 7/9/21

The Jefferson City School District strives to create a healthy learning environment for all students, and to ensure every child graduates college, career, and life ready. One way we do that is by providing students with opportunities to look at both sides of issues and encouraging them to research, think critically, and appreciate opposing viewpoints. 

Our district’s curriculum is based on the Missouri Learning Standards and does not include Critical Race Theory, despite recent public letters or statements alleging otherwise. 

The Missouri Learning Standards do include teaching about United States history, the foundations of American government, and the function of democratic governments, for example. Specifically, the Missouri Learning Standards for High School American Government emphasize that “In order to investigate and draw conclusions about the past, students need to think critically about information as well as evaluate multiple sources of evidence.”

If there is discussion of current events or Critical Race Theory in a classroom, it is from the approach to provide exposure and encourage dialogue so that our students leave us with the ability to look at all sides of a complicated topic. We trust, support, and have confidence in our teachers to lead appropriate discussions and to create a learning environment in which students feel free to express their voices.

We must remain laser-focused on our district’s mission and direct our efforts towards accomplishing our primary goal of ensuring every student achieves success.

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