• Biology is the study of living things. 
       Chapters studied:
          Unit 1:  Ecology
          Unit 2:  Biochemistry
            Unit 3:   Cell Transport
          Unit 4:  Cell Energy
          Unit 5:  DNA and Cell Cycle
             Unit 6:  Proteins
           Unit 7:  Meiosis and Genetics
            Unit 8:  Population Ecology
         Unit 9:  Evolution
    Physical Science is an introductory course for Freshman on the main concepts in Physics and Chemistry.
       Chapters studied:
          Unit 1:  Motion and Stability
          Unit 2:  Mechanical Energy and Waves
          Unit 3:  Properties of Matter
          Unit 4:  Chemical Interactions and Nuclear Processes
          Unit 5:  Earth and the Universe
    Human Biology is a course about the human body and is designed for students to take after completing Biology.
       Units studied:
          Nervous System
          Integumentary System
          Muscular System
          Skeletal System
          Circulatory System
          Respiratory System
          Digestive System
          Reproductive/Endocrine Systems
             Excretory/Urinary System 
    Study Skills is a course designed to let students either get caught up on their regular course work or use the time to complete e2020 classes online.  Students will receive daily points for using class time to work on school work and a grade/credit is given at the end of each term just for working. 
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