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    If you purchased and received a JCHS yearbook last school year (the white book titled "the only thing constant in life is change"), then you need to make sure you get your supplemental insert. These are additional pages that have photos and stories about spring sports, Mr JC, prom and graduation. These pages can be secured into the back of your yearbook. There is NO additional charge for these pages -- they essentially complete the book to make it a full history of the school year. We have been distributing these at lunch. However, if you have not yet received your supplement pages, PLEASE come pick them up before or after school in JCHS room 213, which is right by the library. Thank you!


    Parents and Students are encouraged to check out the following sources for staying up-to-date throughout the school year.
    GOOGLE CLASSROOMS: Each grade has a specific google classroom to join.  
    Students: ask your JAYTIME teacher or your counselor for the code for your grade's classroom code.  
    Parents: make sure your student joins their classroom!  It will have grade-specific information (important dates, things they should be doing, things they won't want to miss out on, etc). 
    FACEBOOK:  Jefferson City School District

    Visit the Guidance and Counseling website for information regarding your student.
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    JC Schools will dismiss two hours earlier than normal on Wednesday, November 20. District staff will use the two afternoon hours to work collaboratively on things such as curriculum, studying student achievement data and professional development. Buses will run regular afternoon routes two hours earlier than usual. There will be no after-school Boys & Girls Club. After-school Y-Care will be provided.
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