•  Algebra 1A:  Concepts include properties of numbers, solving equations and inequalities, mean, median, mode, graphing lines and writing equations of lines.
    Algebra 1B: Concepts include solving systems of equations, exponents, scientific notation, operations with radicals, factoring quadratic equations and graphing quadratic equations.
    Geometry A:  Concepts include midpoint, distance, inductive reasoning, proving parallel lines, congruent triangles, medians, altitudes, quadrilaterals, and area.
    Geometry B:  Concepts include area of sectors, geometric probability, similarity of polygons, sine, cosine, tangent, surface area and volume.
    Math Lab:  Concepts include calculating percents of a number, calculating weekly, monthly or annual salary, overtime, gross/net pay, sales tax, tips, commission, unit price, discount, simple and compounded interest.
Last Modified on December 21, 2012