Not long ago, some students that needed specialized education with specific accommodations or modifications would be ushered out to a separate room or area where a specially trained educator would then be working with only those students. This was once considered the most humane for our students that had special needs, but we know today that the best situation for all of our students is to incorporate two specially trained educators into one room with all of the students and their diverse needs together. Thus, co-teaching began.
         Co-Teaching is a dynamic educational situation that incorporates two specialized instructors; one from a core subject, such as English or Math, and one from specialized education. These two teachers work together to give all of the students, personalized educational supports that a few years ago was unheard of happening. These co-teachers develop lessons that are multi-diverse in the presentation and application of the curriculum. Since positive relationships are essential for learning, here both teachers are able to build relationships with the students, that encourages achievement at higher levels for all students. This design leads to cooperation within our classrooms, schools, and community which leads to cooperation within our society.
         The students within a co-taught class, learn that everyone has a place within our classroom and society. We learn to encourage each other, to build upon our own strengths, and support one another when we need help.  All of the students see in a very vivid way that everyone has strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized and developed to make the environment one of acceptance and comfort for everyone involved. Students have the benefit of two highly specialized instructors that can complement each other to accelerate the learning environment.  Students also realize that in the general population of our society our world is a combination of all types of people. We, as a community, learn to accept, encourage, and affirm the value of each individual in our environment. We learn to appreciate the virtues and applaud the victories of others. The success of our students is directly proportioned to the partnership of our teachers, students, families, and community.
Last Modified on October 7, 2016