Welcome to North Elementary Physical Education

  • I will be working hard to give students the opportunity to become familiar with their bodies and how they work.  Creating experiences to challenge the skills of assorted body movements, how the body fits into variable spaces, and manipulating objects in the classroom environment.  Throughout a student's K-5 experience several sports will be taught at an introductory level including field sports, court sports and lifetime activities. 

  • Randy Hall, M.S.R.S.S



  • 5th Grade:        8:05-8:55


    4th Grade:        8:55-9:45


    3rd Grade:        9:45-10:35


    Kindergarten:    12:30-1:20


    1st Grade:        1:20-2:10


    2nd Grade         2:10-3:00

Last Modified on August 15, 2018