• JCAC - MO Options Program:

    The MO Options Program is targeted for students who have the capabilities of completing high school, but due to a variety of circumstances are at least one year behind in credits needed to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving high school without a diploma. The program is based upon successful completion of six components for graduation in lieu of completion of the traditional credit model. Students must meet the following requirements:

      1. Complete the TABE test before entering (Reading and Math at the 9th grade level)
      2. Must be 17 years old
      3. Attend fifteen hours of class and prepare for the HISET
      4. Maintain fifteen hours of employment per (Parents as Teachers exception)
      5. Successfully pass Health
      6. Successfully pass Personal Finance
      7. Successfully pass the Missouri Constitution test
      8. Successfully pass the United States Constitution test

    After passing the HISET, the students maintain their employment for credit. Students enrolled in the program can participate in all graduation ceremonies and all extra-curricular activities during the school year. The MO Options Program meets the military criteria for a high school diploma.