• Our schedule is flexible based on the needs of our students. While it includes subjects that are taught at TJMS and LCMS, students will also have the opportunity to receive social-emotional support on a regular basis. Our goal is to develop the behavioral and academic skills necessary to be successful in a more traditional classroom setting.


    • Breakfast in Cafeteria

     8:40- 9:00

    • On-time Arrival
    • Home Room Check-In


    • Students will rotate though English Language Arts, STEM, Math


    • Lunch


    • Students will rotate through Social Studies, Reading/Writing Workshop, Life Skills, PE/Health/Art


    • Advisory


    • Dismissal

    Our students will have the opportunity to meet with Zac, our mental health counselor, at various times throughout the week.


    My planning periods are from 10:30-11:15 and from 2:40-2:45. Feel free to email me at jerri.groves@jcschools.us at any time. I will respond during one of my planning periods if I am able. If not, I will return emails after the dismissal of school at 3:40. 

Last Modified on August 13, 2019