English Language Arts


    Our district uses a balanced literacy approach in language arts. This is includes the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We do this through read alouds, shared reading, familiar reading, guided reading, modeled writing, interactive writing and independent writing.

    Sight Words 

    1st Quarter

    away, down, got, have, too, they, was, went, what, where, will

    2nd Quarter

    all, but, did, of, one, saw, that, this, want, when

    3rd Quarter

    day, get, give, had, her, his, I'm, out, then, with

    4th Quarter

    by, can't, could, new, over, them, there, very, were, your


    No Excuse Words

    The words below students should spell correctly while writing and identify quickly while reading in First Grade.


    a, am, can, go, I, is, see, the, we, at, dad, in, like, look, me, mom, my, on, to, up, and, big, come, here, into, it, little, no, said, you, are, do, for, get, has, he, him, not, or, play, she

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