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  • Carla Brown
    9-12, SOAR, Study Skills, e20/20, Co-Teacher in Business Math, and Co-Teacher in English
    (573) 659-2510
    Plan time: 7:30-7:50 and 1:38-3:30 
  • My name is Carla Brown.  I am a wife, mother, and a teacher.  My husband is a proud Jefferson City High School graduate.  I have three children including two sons and a daughter. I have several pets and I love to swim!  I earned my Bachelors of Science from Western Illinois University in 1991 specializing in Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders.  In 2001 I earned a Masters of Arts degree in Education from Viterbo University.  Then in 2003 I completed my PK-12 Principal and Evaluator certification.  I have been a teacher for over twenty-five years.  I began my teaching career in Keokuk, Iowa teaching at the Middle School for one year and the High School for fifteen years.   I taught reading/writing improvement classes, a variety of social studies classes and assisted students with all classes and study skills. Before leaving Iowa I had an opportunity to become involved with an alternative school as an Administrator. It was the combination of individualized education that focused on positive behaviors, academic skills and the second chance that I feel all students deserve.   After moving to Missouri in 2008, I worked as a teacher in Eldon, Missouri for one year as a Class-Within-a-Class science teacher and case manager.  Since 2009 I have worked for Jefferson City Public Schools at Simonsen for three years as a Class-Within-a-Class Algebra teacher.  I am currently a teacher at Jefferson City Academic Center (JCAC) an alternative school setting focused on student success.  I work with Reading, English, Social Studies, Science and Math classes and assist students with computer courses as well as being a Case Manager. I really enjoy working with teenagers.  It is exhausting some days, exhilarating other days but always an exciting variety of new challenges. 


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