Service Opportunities for Active Readers
    This class is designed to provide an individualized and small group approach to improving overall reading skills.   Service activities and weekly visits to an elementary school are included for active reader experiences.  Students assist the local foodbank and mentor/tutor Kindergarten and first grade students.  Reading appreciation projects such as the design and assembly of reading tote bags for the Kindergarten and first grade reading buddies takes learning beyond tradtional classroom activities.  A variety of literacy awareness activities, research, vocabulary development and reading of novels that explore character building situations in teens lives will be the focus of the class.  The SOAR program has been recognized multiple time for Promising Practice awards through Characterplus.org.
    English I, II, III & IV
    Missouri Learning Standards will be addressed as the students strive to master the objectives of 9th,10th, 11th, and 12th grade level English.   End of Course Exam will take place when English I and English II are successfully completed.
    Study Skills
    Student may use study skills time to complete work for any of their classes.
    Laptops are available to all students enrolled in Study Skills and e20/20 classes.
    All students may take notes in their own notebook or use available laptops in class.
    It is recommended that students work on e20/20 in addition to the time we have in class. 
Last Modified on February 12, 2018