• Morning Drop Off

    The front doors open at 7:30.  Students are not to arrive before 7:30, as there is no supervision.

    Students should be dropped off along our lower drive, located off Carol Street.  Students are NOT to be dropped off along the front curb between 7:30 – 8:15 due to bus traffic.

    o   As you enter the drop off zone, stay in a single file for student safety. 

    o   Pull as far forward as possible before unloading your student.

    o   Have your child ready to exit the car. 

    o   Do NOT pass other cars in the drop off zone.  This is a SERIOUS safety concern!


    If parents want to walk their child into the building, they must park in a teacher/visitor parking lot and enter through the front doors.


    Dismissal Information

    Bus Riders – Buses will leave school at approximately 3:20.


    Walkers – Walkers will start walking from the school at 3:15.


    Car Riders – Car riders will dismiss at 3:15.  Please be considerate of the buses coming and going as they have the right of way.  Car riders need to be picked up by 3:25 using the pick-up area (map on back).  Any students not picked up by 3:30 will have to wait by the office until a parent comes in to the building to get them.