Taylor Ashcraft
    Math Links: 
     Fun Brain Math Games: Several interactive math games
    <span "="">2nd Grade Math Review: On this site your child can review all math facts that have been taught so far in second and that will be taught.


    Addition and Subtraction Games: On this site you can select different levels of addition or subtraction that is suitable for your child to help them reinforce the skills they have learned at school.
    Math Book Link: On this site you will find our math text book and fun games and activities that coincide with our math lessons. To log in it is your child's first and last name for username and for password it is their birth date typed out without the 0 at the beginning of the month if their month has a 0. The year must be typed out. (i.e. 9102010)
    Literacy Links:
    Short and Long Vowel: Match the word to the short or long vowel sound.
    2nd Grade literacy links: There are several interactive games addressing the literacy skills that they will be taught in second grade.